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for your children

Your child in safe hands

Hi, I'm Andrew,
an Online Tutor, Musician & Digital Media Specialist 

I've worked with children for over thirty years now.... I know, I don't look it do I ....?!

.. from teacher to entertainer...

but what now?

How Can I Help You and Your Child?

I'd love to bring my creative joy, laughter and silliness into your homes. To offer a bit of light and structure in the new and challenging times we are experiencing.

Daily Topics

Each day the children will explore a new topic, ensuring variety, interest and a broad coverage of focus topics.

The daily quiz will look at this in more detail, but all activities are aimed at being fun!

Interaction & Socialisation

Each session your child will be encouraged to share their thoughts, a joke or riddle, with Andrew and the group.

There is no pressure to do so, but they are made to feel heard and valued, and the group offer them an outlet and support.

Structure & Focus

Having the daily structure gives the child the security that their day has a focus and that they can rely on some normality and timetable.

This can be of great comfort to kids, and also can give you, the parents a little down tools time, to go and re-charge your batteries, get a little done, or simply watch and join in!

Fun Games & Activities

Andrew prides himself and only ever providing games and activities that he feels that he would like to do himself, and ensures that the sessions are quick paced, so that no-one gets bored or loses interest.

Investigation & Learning

Through a wide variety of formats, Andrew ensures all types of fun and learning takes place, as covertly as possible!

From 'Spot The Difference' observational skills to number bingo. From stretching their muscles to twisting their tongues, there's something for every aspect and everyone.

A Remote Trusted Adult

There's nothing more important than the knowledge that your child is in safe, experienced, professional and trustworthy hands.

For over 30 years of working with children, Andrew has made it his mission to assist parents in bringing joy and relaxation to the precious time called childhood. You can observe the sessions entirely or be assured they are well-looked after if you find yourself busy elsewhere.

Hear What The Parents Have To Say


Giving your kids structure, and you some time to focus elsewhere.

A new child!

Andy has been an absolute Godsend..Archie has loved the sessions and we have been able to get an hours work done, safe in the knowledge that our ‘reluctant home learner’ is being entertained, educated and exercised! 

Katherine H.

Primary Teacher 

Archie (7) Staffordshire

Positive & Motivating

“Honestly, George now beams the whole time. He is a bright boy but so difficult to motivate - we’ve noticed so much positivity in the last 2 days and in his confidence too! Cannot thank you enough! ״ 


Deputy Head Primary School

 George (9 )Runcorn

Fun & Interactive

We love it !

All the students get enough interaction and time to show their work/skills whilst also practicing turn taking 

- It's like a fun interactive, educational kids TV show 

:-) Merci Andy et a demain!

Ruth C

Home Educating Parent 

Marlo (8) in France

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